Digital Knowledge Resources & Documentary Films

The New Brunswick Literary Encyclopedia. 2010. Ed. Tony Tremblay. UNB Centre for Digital Scholarship, 2nd ed. 2020.

This encyclopedia is the most comprehensive cultural knowledge resource in New Brunswick. With over 240 entries (1000 + pages) on New Brunswick literary subjects, an embedded 500-year (71-page) “Literary Timeline,” an interactive “Literary Map of New Brunswick,” and a full “Bibliography of New Brunswick Literature,” this digital resource is the first choice for scholars and students studying the province’s authors, literary sites, and literary history.

The New Brunswick Literature Curriculum in English. 2017. Ed. Tony Tremblay, James Johnson, and Alexandra Cogswell. UNB Centre for Digital Scholarship, 2nd ed. 2020.

This is a 750-page New Brunswick curriculum that covers the major periods and figures in the province’s literature, including Acadian work in English translation. Launched as a Canada 150 Project, it is a digital resource designed for students and teachers at secondary to post-secondary levels, and for general readers interested in New Brunswick literature from English, French, and Indigenous traditions.

The Journal of New Brunswick Studies/Revue d’études sur le Nouveau-Brunswick (JNBS/RÉNB). Founding Ed. Tony Tremblay, 2009-20. UNB Centre for Digital Scholarship.

JNBS/RÉNB is a multi-disciplinary journal that features original essays and peer-reviewed research about the province in English and French. The only bilingual journal of ideas in New Brunswick, JNBS/RÉNB publishes thoughtful writing that engages a wide readership in ongoing conversations about the province. Recent special issues of the journal have focused on the Health of New Brunswickers, Energy Policy, Rural Sustainability, Electoral Reform, and Youth Activism in Acadie.

Last Shift: The Story of a Mill Town. Written & Dir. Tony Tremblay. Prod. Ellen Rose. Golden Girl Productions, 2010. 2nd ed. 2021.

This full-length documentary film examines the growth and eventual collapse of a one-industry pulp-and-paper town in northern New Brunswick. The film raises important questions about a government’s responsibility to safeguard taxpaying residents from industrial capitalists. Finalist for Best Documentary, 2010 Silver Wave Film Festival; and Official Selection for 2013 Canadian Labour International Film Festival.

Fred Cogswell: The Many-Dimensioned Self. Ed. Tony Tremblay. UNB Electronic Text Centre, 2012.

This digital book originated as a publication partnership with UNB’s Electronic Text Centre (Harriet Irving Library) to explore the potentials of digital applications to create a template for a series of New Brunswick author studies. The Cogswell book is the first. A comprehensive study of Cogswell, it provides critical appraisals, a Selected Works of his poems and letters, and other interactive tools that give insight into New Brunswick’s most important cultural worker of the last century.

The Challenges We Face in Governing New Brunswick: A Conversation with Donald Savoie. Dir. Tony Tremblay. Prod. Susan Montague. With Donald Savoie. UNB Office of the President, 2011.

This documentary film was produced for “Changing New Brunswick, A Series of Public Conversations.” These were a series of provincial discussions initiated by UNB President John McLaughlin aimed at revitalizing the province.