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Since 1996, Tony Tremblay has published widely in the fields of Canadian literature, literary modernism, and cultural and media studies.

From 2007-17, he held the Canada Research Chair in New Brunswick Studies, a SSHRC-funded research position that enabled him to focus specifically on the literature and culture of his home province. During that time and since, he developed knowledge resources for the study of New Brunswick, assembled and led research teams of French and English scholars, and mentored hundreds of students in their study of New Brunswick literature, culture, and history. His major projects are outlined on this site.

Professor Tremblay has said this about his years of work on New Brunswick: With globalism pressing upon us, some might wonder why the study of New Brunswick is important. It is important because we live in multiple worlds, our own New Brunswick world often being the first or the most formative we encounter. The experience of that first encounter provides the seeds for our identity, influencing the way we grow, respond to others, and meet the larger world. Reading the literature of place enables us to recognize those processes of growth and identification. Reading our literature also provides us with the self-knowledge to contribute meaningfully to our society. A confident and productive population is aware of its histories. A healthy and happy citizenry takes pride in its heritage. New Brunswick literature shows us where we've come from, who we are, and how we are likely to meet the future.



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